Word on the Street (WOTS) is a Filipino-American catering company based in San Francisco. Our goal is to put a culinary twist on traditional Filipino food and show its adaptability that then invokes nostalgia for those already familiar with Filipino cuisine and also draws in newcomers with our unique offerings. Because our food is not strictly traditional, we aim to reach a wide range of customers, including those who are calorie counting, watching what they eat, but don't want to sacrifice good flavors through our Meal Prep menu!

Word on the Street recognizes the importance of supporting other local small businesses both here in the Bay Area but also local in the sense of our Filipino neighbors all the way in the Philippines. We do this through the vendors we chose to work and collaborate with and the ingredients we use.

In a time where most information is shared via social networking and digital media (which is awesome because that's how you're reading this right now!) we also value personal connections. Starting with our friends and family, we hope to bring back that type of real connection through "word of mouth," eventually rippling out into our community and yes, out in "the street," centered around our food.




Where are you located?

We currently do not have a truck or brick and mortar location. Order meal preps from us and stay tuned for upcoming events!

Where can I get your Ube Coconut Coffee?

We are so excited that many of you have asked us where to get our coffee! Unfortunately, the only place to get it is when we do pop-ups. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and check our site regularly as we will be posting any upcoming events.


How do I order?

You can place orders on our website at www.wordonthestreetsf.com/order. Please allow 48 hours for processing orders during business hours, 9:00AM-5:00PM, Monday through Friday.  Our delivery days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  However, you can place orders any day of the week.

Can I order through your website?

Yes, please visit www.wordonthestreetsf.com.  Our website is constantly updating.

How long do the meals last?

Our meals will retain freshness for 4 days while properly refrigerated (32-40°F). We suggest keeping the meals you will be eating within the next 4 days refrigerated and freezing the rest. Then you can rotate the remaining meals into your fridge from the freezer.

How do I reheat my meals?

Pour desired amount of sauce over meal and heat on HIGH for 2-3 minutes or desired level.

Can I freeze my meals?

Your meals can be frozen for up to a month, however we prefer the meals to be consumed during the original best by date to ensure maximum flavor and freshness.

Are the containers microwaveable?

Yes, and they are also recyclable.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is 5 meals. 

Friends, how many of us have them?

Word on the Street was started by a group of friends, Vanessa Biaoco, Diodel Carbonel, Tanou Chanhchaleun, Joanna Dabis, Denise Rances, Melissa Roncal, Junelle Taguas, and Matt Taguas, all native San Franciscans. We share a passion for our city, the various cultures we come from, and of course, FOOD!! 

Word on the Street SF Team